Service Policy

Our service

TopUpDiscount is a service provided by Finarea SA.

Registering for TopUpDiscount

You can sign up for TopUpDiscount by sending CALL ON to 81223. The text message cost £5 + standard network rate and gives you £5 of credits which can be used by calling the access number (Standard network rate) from the phone number you used to send the message to 81223. Once you run out of credit, you will automatically receive a 5 Pound recharge. To unsubscribe from this service please text STOP to short number 81223 With TopUpDiscount you can make international calls. The rates for these calls can be found here: rates


Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before calling. Charging will start directly after the spoken tariff information, you will also be charged if the number you wish to call isn't answered or is engaged. So please hang up if you notice the other side will not answer to avoid unnecessary costs. Network extras may apply. The call is charged the rate per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Questions or complaints

If you have questions or a complain about our service please contact us via the customer service at customer service You can expect a response within 7 working days.


If you are unhappy with our service and wish to claim a refund for a call, please contact us via our customer service at customer service within 48 hours of your call.

Please Note: refunds can only be issued on calls paid for by your credits. We cannot issue refunds to the premium rate services.

IMPORTANT! Before contacting us you must have the following information. We cannot discuss any calls without this information:

Your phone number
Date and Time of the call.
Length of the call.
Access number used
Called number
The reason for the refund